Wallet Skin

The CardShark gives you a handy pocket for your credit cards, ID, and cash all right on the back of your phone. The patented CardShark is the original wallet skin and the only “all in one” shock-proof phone protector. No more hassles with old-school wallets and no more problems with cheap imitations that snag your back pocket. Streamline your life with the patented CardShark Wallet Skin! And, while you're at it, help us help homeless vets with your purchase.

How does buying a CardShark help homeless veterans?

The CardShark Wallet Skin team has partnered with Rags of Honor to employ homeless and chronically unemployed veterans. Each CardShark will be personally customized for you by a military veteran who is seeking to transition back into civilian life. Thanking a veteran when you see one in uniform is thoughtful, but helping employ veterans when they face the daunting reintegration back into civilian life is what CardShark and Rags of Honor are all about. A living wage and a JOB is a far more meaningful way to say thank you to a returning veteran.

There are over 400,000 veterans in Chicago – several thousand of whom are homeless and/or chronically unemployed. Last year, hundreds of thousands of veterans were homeless for at least one night in America. Help us help our heroes.

The words HOMELESS and VETERAN should never be used in the same sentence. And there’s a growing list of Chicagoans who are trying to make that happen. Thanks to Steve Cochran of WGN radio, the Chicago Blackhawks, The Pittsburgh Penguins, and the good folks at Local Union IBT 731 for all of their support of the mission to employ homeless veterans.

The CardShark is a great gift for charities. Highlight your cause. Help make sure none of our veterans get left behind.

Check out some of our partner companies!

They are out there helping our veterans regain the dignity of a living wage salary and a J-O-B.

They were on the ground for us, buy these grounds for them!

Founded to help. The best coffee on the planet!

Sixteen years and two wars have stretched our military to the breaking point leaving too many men and women with physical and emotional scars that they are left to deal with for a lifetime.

Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe coffee was founded with two very simple, but focused missions: Find veterans who are homeless or are at risk of being homeless and give them an opportunity to regain their dignity…and roast the best damn coffee on the planet!

To accomplish our mission of ending homelessness and chronic unemployment in the veteran community, we wanted to start a company that could provide growth, and most importantly, provide a skill in a burgeoning industry. The craft roasting community has grown dramatically in the last five years. When we reached out to the owner of a great local roasting house about hiring and training veterans the idea for Veteran Roasters Cup O’ Joe brand took flight…

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They had our backs, let’s keep the shirt on theirs.


Rags of Honor is a quality screen printing organization whose mission is to provide employment and needed services to homeless veterans. The proceeds from the business go directly to support and employ the veterans who are producing the garments.

We set out to make a difference for those who have served our country by building a company that honors their service. At Rags of Honor we pay a living wage, offer continuing education and training to help our veterans with life skills they need to get back on their feet and continue their life’s journey with the dignity they deserve.

Rags of Honor was created with the knowledge that veterans can regain control in their lives if given the stability and dignity of a good paying job. Mark Doyle, Founder and CEO, saw the sacrifice of servicemen and women while working in Afghanistan. He was sickened by the injustice of homeless veterans in our city and chose to make a stand and make a difference. Doyle created Rags of Honor as the only silkscreen shop that is 100% operated by homeless and unemployed veterans. The mission is to provide them with an opportunity to rebuild their lives after serving our country. The offices, manufacturing facility, and warehouse of Rags of Honor is located in Chicago.

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Culture Studio

Culture Studio has joined us and our mission to hire homeless veterans to help with their merchandising and promotional products!

Culture Studio is a Decorated Merchandising company that works with some of the largest artist and retail brands in the Country. We create incredible products with a New Generation energy that you can “feel” when you work with us. The passion we put into every piece is with the purpose of making sure the person opening that box loves what they see. We are the “Creators of your first Impression”

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